Available in Base, Comfort, Performance, and Infinity


91% 4-Way Fixed Speed
Gas-Fired Condensing Furnace Up to 92.1% AFUE READ MORE
95% AFUE Multipose Single Stage
4-way Multipoise Fixed Capacity Condensing Gas Furnace Furnaces Up to 95% AFUE READ MORE
95% 4-Way Variable Speed
58MVC Infinity™
Variable Speed Gas Furnaces Up to 95.0% AFUE READ MORE
90% 4-Way AFUE X-13 2 Heat Pumps
58MEC Performance™ Boost 90 Gas Furnace
Gas Furnace 93% AFUE READ MORE
80% Std Multipoise
58STA/58STX Gas-Fired Furnaces
Gas-Fired Furnaces Up to 80% AFUE READ MORE
80% Variable Speed Multipoise
58CVA Infinity™ 80
Variable Speed Gas-Fired Furnaces Up to 80% AFUE READ MORE
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