3 Benefits of Upgrading Your Thermostat in Raleigh, NC

Homeowners in Raleigh, NC benefit from upgraded thermostats, which offer significant advantages. These advantages range from better efficiency and system function to increased IoT integration compatibility.

1. Better Efficiency With a Better Output

Programmable thermostats require less manual control because they use more advanced sensors. These settings increase the overall efficiency of your system. According to the Department of Energy, upgrading your thermostat can reduce your energy bill by 10% or more, an added bonus.

2. Increased Comfort

Keeping your home consistently at the right temperature is easier with newer thermostats. The settings on these thermostats feature customization options, allowing you to control the temperature overnight more easily. The more dependable your temperature control, the better your comfort level.

When coupled with a regular maintenance program, new thermostats can play a role in keeping your home consistently comfortable. When everything with your HVAC system works as it is supposed to, your temperatures will stay where you want them.

3. Better IoT Integration

Smart thermostats that provide better integration with smart home and other IoT devices allow easier remote control options. If you need to make changes away from home, you can do so from your smartphone or mobile device. Your home will be more ready to adapt to other IoT features when you have a newer thermostat.

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