Let AirMakers Help Save You Money this Summer with the Carrier® Infinity System

The most efficient air conditioner on the market is the Carrier Infinity® System, which has advanced technology to both cool and heat your home. It provides Greenspeed® Intelligence that enables both your air conditioning system and furnace or heat pump to deliver the utmost energy efficiency. Plus, you’ll get temperature control that is quiet and automatically responds to changing weather—all year long. With the Carrier Infinity, you get an impressive SEER rating of 26. This along with features that enable you to set zones within your home save you even more. The Touch-N-Go® scheduling allows for adjustments as often as you like, but you can also schedule cooling options to save even more.

No More Humid Days in Raleigh or the Surrounding Areas with the Carrier Infinity System

Here in the Carolinas, it gets humid. Having just the right amount of humidity helps keep your home in check. With the Carrier Infinity System, it can remove up to 400% more moisture in your home as compared to standard HVAC systems.

Breathe a Little Easier with the Infinity System from Carrier

It’s common for our homes to remain closed tightly throughout the year. Given that there are few instances for your home to “air out” pollutants get trapped. The Captures & Kills® technology from Carrier works with the Infinity System with its patented air purifier that inactivates 99% of select airborne pathogens.

Energy Saving Asset for Your Home

With the most sophisticated technology in the market, the Carrier Infinity System brings more product value to your home than any other system on the market. Call AirMakers today and consult with a comfort specialist.

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