Get the Perfect Humidity in Your Home or Place of Business with an HVAC Humidifier

We’ve all been there, cracked lips, dry skin, and even nose bleeds. The humidity in your home should fall between 40 and 60%. While many homes here in the Carolinas have decent humidity readings in the summer, winter months can sometimes have your home dry. In fact, some HVAC systems will cause your home to become even drier.

Keeping Health in Check with a Whole-Home Humidifier

Our bodies were meant to have viruses and other pathogens leave in the form of mucus—we know, it’s not a great topic, but necessary. However, mucus has a hard time getting generated if the humidity in your home or place of business is low. Viruses tend to move through dry air. Plus, low humidity dries out nasal passages and creates a breeding ground for airborne infections. Your air experts at AirMakers, can get your house or business within the 40 to 60% recommended limits. AirMakers provides several products that work with your HVAC system. Our solutions can capture up to 98% of airborne viruses. Plus, with a whole home humidifier, the humidity that you need is easily delivered through your HVAC system ductwork.

Protect Your Home from Dry Air, Wood Damage, and Static

You’ve been in homes before where furniture starts to show cracking or warping. It’s easy to pass it off as the manufacturer’s fault. However, it’s the humidity inside the home or place of business. This is why AirMakers provides whole home humidifiers. Not only do they protect your wood furniture, but they can also keep your wardrobe from static cling. Whole home humidifiers provide a level of comfort for you and your family. Plus, whole home humidifiers can work to keep moisture in the air to help you breathe easier and adds a layer of protection for furnishing, photos, books, and other materials that can experience cracking.
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