Ductless Mini Split Installation

Since its debut in 1965 here in America, the mini-split conception, affectionally known as the Comfort-Aire Twin, has found its place in the HVAC world. Rightfully so too. Ductless mini split systems have revolutionized how we think of heating and cooling our homes. While many applications are used for additions, upstairs, or even the outside garage or she shed, ductless mini-split systems are perfect for heating and cooling a specific zone or multiple zones.

Heat or Cool Your Entire Home or Just a Room with a Ductless Mini Split System

AirMakers Heating & Cooling can assess your home or place of business and determine whether a ductless mini split system is right for you. AirMakers has professionally licensed HVAC personnel that can install and repair any mini split system brand in Raleigh or the surrounding vicinities.

Our team of experts can walk you through the pros and benefits of installing a ductless mini split system versus a traditional air conditioner or a heat pump option. While the benefits are great, it’s best to have a certified professional look at your application before installation.

What is a Ductless Mini Split System?

Even though ductless mini split systems have been around for decades, they are just now becoming more popular here in North America. Given that they have been in use in other countries for years, it’s a proven technology.

A ductless mini split system is a type of HVAC system. They come in a variety of configurations, including both air and heat as well as a heat pump that provides both heating and cooling. Most people are familiar with the air conditioning type that is found in many tropical locations within the southeast.

The ductless mini split system is split in that part of the unit is located outside of the home or business and the other part of the unit is located inside. The air handler that is located inside and it collects and circulates air, which is either warm or cool, back into the room. Air is then moved back to the outside unit, where the refrigerant is compressed and the air flows back into the air handler. The cycle continues from there.

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What Kind of Maintenance Can You Expect with a Ductless Mini Split System?

As with any HVAC unit, you want to keep the unit clean and free from debris. Several times per year, you should wipe down the unit with a damp cloth to prevent dust from accumulating. Keeping it free from debris also means to keep it away from shrubs and greenery. While we all love our azaleas here in Raleigh, it’s best to keep them and other shrubbery away from your ductless mini split system. 

Just like traditional HVAC systems, a ductless mini split system has filters that need to be cleaned regularly or replaced—depending on what type you have. If it gets too dirty, you risk not having the system work properly. If the filter gets clogged or hasn’t been cleaned in a while, it may be best to replace it. AirMakers also recommends getting your ductless mini split professionally cleaned twice per year. This will help keep everything operating efficiently.

Finally, you want to get your condenser cleaned professionally on your ductless mini split system. Although this job is doable to do this as a DYI, it’s best left to the pros. The team at AirMakers understands how dangerous it is power wash a unit as parts can become damaged easily.

Thinking of Getting a Ductless Mini Split System? Let AirMakers Help.

If you’re thinking about getting a ductless mini split HVAC system, give AirMakers a call. Our team of professionals can work with you to determine exactly what size you need for that special addition. Or, if you’re doing an entire home, our licensed professionals can help determine the zones and what you need to maximize efficiency in your home.

At AirMakers, we also understand that you may still have a few questions. Feel free to give us a call. However, we’ve taken the liberty to list our some of the top questions that we get regarding ductless mini split systems.

FAQs Regarding Ductless Mini Split Systems

While they are rated similar in efficiency, typically a ductless mini split will be more efficient given that ductwork can leak over time. According to the big three mini-split manufacturers, a ductless mini split system can save up to 30 to 40 percent off the energy costs of a force air system. Of course this depends on a lot of variables, like insulation, etc. However, ductless HVAC systems are very efficient.

Often, we get customers asking about the “dry mode” on a mini split system. Many people do refer to it as the dehumidification mode of the system. What happens is that the system will pull in the warm air and recirculate it back into the room without sending it outside to refrigerate through the coil. It’s designed to lower humidity without changing the temperature of the space. It basically collects the moisture form the humid air in a tank at the base of the unit. While this does create a dehumidifier effect, they are not meant to be a “whole-home” dehumidifier system. It's best to check with an AirMakers professional if you have concern over humidify in your home.
This is always a "it depends" answer. However, it really does depend on how well you maintain and keep the maintenance up on your unit. Most units do have a life cycle of ten to twenty years, but again, it depends on the maintenance, cleaning, etc.
It depends. If your home has existing ductwork, it may be more expensive to install a mini split unit. However, ductless mini split units are extremely efficient. Plus, you need to think about any electrical requirements that you may need.
No. Today, there are alternatives to the wall-mount unit. Now, there are options for flush ceiling and floor-flushed mounted units. AirMakers can install any type or brand of ductless mini split system.

Feel free to give AirMakers a call to discuss your ductless mini split application. We’re happy to help.