4 Signs That Your AC Needs to be Replaced in Knightdale, NC

Even the best air conditioners don’t last a lifetime because they require replacement after some years. Since replacing an AC is a huge investment, it’s best to know when you’re due for a replacement. Here are telltale signs you need to replace your AC in Knightdale, NC to keep energy bills low and make your home comfortable.

1. You Constantly Have to Repair Your System

You shouldn’t have to repair your air conditioner frequently. It’s best to invest in a new system instead of spending a lot of money on frequent repairs. If the repair costs exceed half the price of a new AC, consider investing in a new and more efficient system.

2. Your AC Is More Than a Decade Old

Air conditioners often indicate signs of wear and tear after their tenth birthday. It’s wise to upgrade to a more efficient and modern AC to improve home comfort and energy savings. Hire an expert to assist with choosing the right air conditioner and for professional AC installation services.

3. Your Energy Costs Are Going Up

Rising energy costs may not always be the cause for skyrocketing energy costs. As the air conditioning unit ages, it fails to operate efficiently, causing an increase in cooling costs. You may need to invest in a new AC if your current one is causing a drastic increase in energy costs.

4. You Notice Strange Sounds

Is your air conditioner noisier or louder than before? Some strange AC noises may indicate that the system is nearing its end of life.

You need to hire a certified HVAC professional to inspect the AC if it’s making odd noises. A professional technician may recommend a replacement if necessary.

While AC replacement can be costly, it’s worth the investment. Remember to choose the right AC size and efficient model. Contact us at Airmakers Heating & Cooling, LLC today if you want professional and affordable air conditioning services.


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