5 Signs Your Gas Furnace Has a Leak in Raleigh, NC

You should inspect and maintain your furnace annually to keep it running properly. However, if your furnace is leaking gas, you need to take immediate action, such as repairing or replacing the entire unit. Here are some signs that could indicate your furnace in Raleigh, NC has a gas leak.

1. Unusual Smells

If you smell something like rotten eggs or sulfur near the furnace, it could be a sign of a gas leak. Sulfur is dangerous because it can make you sick if you breathe in too much of the gas. You can have an expert install a gas detector to help detect low levels of sulfur and carbon monoxide in the air.

2. Discolored Pilot Light Flames

A pilot light is a small, continuous flame that provides ignition for older gas furnaces. The flame remains lit at all times to ensure efficient and safe operation of the appliance. You would usually ignite it manually by pressing down on the reset button. Anything other than a blue flame means that the fuel has not combusted completely, and some of it is leaking out.

3. Hissing Noises

A hissing sound near your furnace could be a sign of a gas leak. It’s important to have your system inspected as soon as possible, If necessary, call a professional for repair services.

4. High Gas Bill

If you notice an unexpected increase in your gas bill, it could mean a gas leak somewhere in the system. Hire an HVAC technician to check all connections and maintain the furnace to ensure it runs safely and efficiently.

Remember that gas leaks are very dangerous and require immediate action. Contact us at Airmakers Heating & Cooling, LLC immediately for HVAC maintenance services if you think your gas furnace has a leak.

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