6 HVAC Myths in Raleigh, NC You Should Stop Believing Today

Running your HVAC system seems easy, but there’s really a lot to making it work efficiently. Unfortunately, there are about as many opinions out there as there are stars in the sky. Consider these six myths you’ve probably heard in Raleigh, NC but need to stop believing today.

1. Portable Heaters Will Save You Money

You may have heard that it’s better to use portable heaters rather than raising the temperature of your home. This is generally false but may depend on the situation.

First, understand that electric resistance heaters are the most expensive way of heating your home, even portable ones. This is because they consume a lot of electricity to create the heat you’re going to enjoy.

Trying to raise the temperature in a large space leaves you spending less using your furnace. If you have one room that just doesn’t seem to get comfortable, make sure the vents are open and clear. If that doesn’t work, have an HVAC technician make sure there isn’t an airflow restriction blocking the warm air.

2. Bigger Is Better

HVAC systems measure their size in British Thermal Units, or BTUs, which indicates the capacity for heat production or transfer. That said, basic logic would suggest that larger would be better because it’ll condition your space faster.

However, larger units use more power, so they cost more to run at the basic level. Additionally, if the unit is too large for your space, then it’ll short-cycle. This uses even more energy, plus it adds excessive wear to your system, leading to more AC and furnace repairs.

3. Don’t Fix What’s Not Broken

Some people have the opinion that you shouldn’t fix something if it’s not broken. That’s like saying you’re not going to check the oil in your car until the engine breaks down.

Your system will need periodic maintenance to keep it working effectively over its entire service life. During a tune-up job, our technicians will clean out contaminants to allow air to flow freely and keep mounting hardware and electrical connections tight.

4. Duct Tape Fixes Everything

It’s an urban legend that duct tape will fix just about anything, so it must work for sealing your ducts. Unfortunately, this is one task where duct tape doesn’t actually hold up to the legend.

The heat your ducts conduct throughout your home causes the glue to degrade, causing it to come off. Rather, mastic sealants are better used for ducts. A professional technician paints this gooey sealant on, which then hardens to form a lasting seal.

5. Higher-Rated Filters Are Better

People want better air quality, especially if someone in the house suffers from asthma or allergies. The common myth is that you should replace your standard air filter with one that has a higher rating.

While a higher rating means you’ll catch more contaminants, it also reduces your efficiency. Most standard air handlers don’t create enough vacuum to draw the proper amount of air through denser filters. This leaves your system struggling to heat or cool your home, uses more energy and adds wear to your system.

6. Closing Vents Will Improve Efficiency

Some internet gurus recommend closing vents in rooms where you don’t spend much time. The saying that this will make your system more efficient is a complete myth.

Rather, part of the efficiency of your system relies on the air moving around your home. The air circulates because of the pressure difference between the cool air return and supply vents. When you close some of those vents, you inhibit proper air circulation, even in areas where vents are open.

Whenever possible, leave all your vents open. Additionally, check each one to make sure it has at least two inches above and around the vent clear. This clearance ensures the air can flow up and circulate into the unconditioned air of the room.

Don’t allow your HVAC system to become inefficient because you believed a myth. Call to schedule your HVAC maintenance or repair appointment with our experts at Airmakers Heating & Cooling, LLC.



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