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Improve Your Indoor Air Quality With These 5 Tips in Raleigh, NC

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality With These 5 Tips in Raleigh, NC

The quality of air inside your Raleigh, NC house is an essential factor that you should always pay attention to. This is because it impacts your health, comfort, and the efficiency of your HVAC system. Read on to learn about how you can improve your home or business’s indoor air quality..

1. Change the AC Filter

Your air conditioning system maintains comfortable temperatures in your house and, at the same time, filters the air pollutants running through it. The air filters eventually clog and stop cleaning the air.

To help avoid this issue, our technicians change the filters during our AC maintenance visits. You should also replace them every one to three months to help ensure your home’s air remains fresh and clean.

2. Install an Air Purifier

Purchasing a whole-home air purifier can assist homeowners in reducing allergens, chemical emissions, and airborne irritants from their houses. This system traps these particulates and ensures that the indoor air is clean.

3. Clean your House Regularly

Purchasing an air purifier will not help you solve indoor air quality issues if you fail to include housecleaning in your daily routine. Dust and pet dander always settle on the floor, carpet, and furniture. Vacuum, mop, and wipe all these surfaces to remove the pollutants.

4. Install Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Controlling the humidity levels in your Raleigh, NC home is another effective method of improving indoor air quality. The best place for portable dehumidifiers is in damp areas like the basement or near the bathroom. Alternatively, you can install a whole-home humidity control system that works in tandem with your HVAC unit.

5. Improve Ventilation

According to the EPA, ventilating your house can improve indoor air quality. This effective approach allows more outdoor air to come inside and lowers the concentration of air contaminants.

Consider installing a whole-home ventilation system to improve the ventilation in your home. These energy-efficient systems exhaust the stale, contaminated air and replace it with fresh air from outside.

In summary, clean indoor air allows you to live a comfortable, healthy, and efficient life in your house. Call us at Airmakers Heating & Cooling, LLC for air purifiers and whole-home humidifiers that can help you maintain high-quality indoor air in your home.

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