Look Out for These 5 HVAC Issues in Your Historic Knightdale, NC Home

You work hard to maintain your historic Knightdale, NC home. However, heating and cooling an older home can present a challenge. Here are some common HVAC issues that affect older homes.

1. Outdated HVAC Unit

A typical HVAC unit lasts up to 15 years with yearly maintenance. Without maintenance, the unit lasts a shorter time and loses efficiency. If your HVAC unit is approaching historic status, consider getting a new one.

Just because your home is historic doesn’t mean you can’t update its HVAC unit. An older HVAC unit may cycle on and off too often. This makes it difficult to properly heat and cool your historic home.

A replacement HVAC unit will perform better and provide more comfort. Speak with an HVAC technician about updated cooling options.

2. Old Thermostat

Has your historic home had the same thermostat for more than 20 years? If so, you’re missing out on modern thermostat technology.

An older thermostat can cause your unit to cycle more often than is necessary. This wear and tear on the unit will cause inefficient performance and discomfort. An old thermostat just doesn’t perform as well as its modern counterpart.

You can get a thermostat that offers a range of options. Some thermostats heat or cool your home based on your schedule. You may also have options such as setting cooling and heating preferences.

You’ll enjoy the climate control a modern thermostat offers. Speak with an HVAC specialist to learn which thermostat is compatible with your system.

3. Subpar Indoor Air Quality

A modern home is more efficient when it comes to keeping pollutants outside. Doors, windows, and attic spaces are generally sealed to lessen the infiltration of polluted outdoor air.

An older home may not have this same protection and may have small cracks or gaps that allow irritants inside. This can affect how well the HVAC system filters the air.

You may want to consider adding a whole-home air purifier to your HVAC system. This can improve indoor air quality by trapping pollutants that would otherwise affect your air.

4. Leaky or Damaged Ductwork

Ducts allow air to move throughout your home. The joints and elbows of the ducts are more effective with a tight seal. If your historic home has old ductwork, your HVAC system probably isn’t performing its best.

Older ducts can lose effectiveness and allow air leaks all along the ductwork. Instead of heating and cooling your home, the air is being released into ceilings and behind walls. This is a waste of the conditioned air that belongs in your living space.

An HVAC technician can check the effectiveness of the ductwork. This will let you know if the ductwork is efficient or needs updating.

5. Airflow Problems

The ductwork in an old home could have a bad design or consist of outdated materials. Air still flows through the home, but airflow is possibly poor. And poor airflow has a negative effect on the comfort level of your home.

Modern duct design is more advanced than in days past. Newer ducts can improve airflow in your home, so take into account the age of your home when considering making this change.

In addition to poor airflow, an old duct system can have a buildup of dirt, dust, pet hair, and other pollutants. As a result, poor-quality air circulates throughout your home. Installing new ductwork can give you a fresh start with modern materials. If you’re considering updating your ductwork, make sure that you consult with a professional to keep your home safe and functional.

Maintain an HVAC System in a Knightdale, NC Historic Home

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