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Understanding 4 Types of Air Filters for Your Home in Durham, NC

Understanding 4 Types of Air Filters for Your Home in Durham, NC

The air filters in your HVAC system eliminate dust, pollen, and other indoor pollutants. This improves the system’s efficiency and ensures that the air in your Durham, NC, home is cleaner and healthier. Below are four common types of air filters.

1. UV Light Filters

This type of HVAC filter uses short-wave UV light to clean the indoor air. The filters’ UV lamp produces germinal radiation that disinfects indoor air as it passes through the HVAC system.

The advantage of these filters is that they can also remove some microbes to help keep you and your family healthy. However, they are quite costly. Additionally, they can convert oxygen into hazardous ozone molecules, which can further cause various health issues like chest pain.

2. Fiberglass Air Filters

Also referred to as spun glass or flat-paneled filters, fiberglass air filters feature glass strands spun and held together with a metal grate. They are very affordable.

However, they only capture dust, pollen, and other larger particles. Fiberglass air filters also require regular maintenance to function well. Replacing them regularly protects your air conditioner from premature breakdown and unexpected system repair.

3. Electrostatic Filters

These air filters use cotton and paper fibers to generate static electricity that traps pollutants in your Durham, NC, home. The strong magnetism makes them more effective in cleaning indoor air.

You should consider installing them if anybody in your home experiences seasonal allergies. Electrostatic fibers are available in reusable and disposable types.

4. Pleated Filters

These air filters, also called media filters, have a fabric medium with cotton or polyester folded in a pattern. Their density and large surface area increase their effectiveness in collecting smaller particles without increasing your HVAC system’s energy consumption.

You can use pleated filters for at least three months, after which you should replace them. Alternatively, you can install the reusable versions.

The efficiency of air filters depends on the MERV rating and mechanism used to capture the pollutants. Installing the right types of air filters improves indoor air quality and adds life to your HVAC system. Contact our service techs at Airmakers Heating & Cooling, LLC, for reliable HVAC maintenance services.

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