Why Using a Wi-Fi Thermostat is so Convenient

Households throughout North Carolina and around the country have an increasing interest in installing energy-efficient HVAC products for economic and environmental reasons. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily need to replace your furnace or AC to achieve energy savings. Installing a Wi-Fi thermostat is a convenient and affordable way to save money on heating and cooling costs right away in your Raleigh, NC home.

Improved Temperature Control

Many households still rely on outdated mechanical or digital thermostats that fall short of producing accurate temperature control. Many of the modern Wi-Fi thermostat models on the market today deliver precise temperature control that falls within one degree of the desired temperature. The accuracy of these smart thermostats keeps homes more comfortable than their predecessors without using unnecessary energy.

Set the Temperature Remotely

How many times have you returned home from a much-needed vacation or even a day at work to a house that’s too warm or too cool? You have to walk to the thermostat, adjust the settings, and wait for the house to reach the desired temperature. Wi-Fi thermostats eliminate this inconvenience because you can connect to them using your smartphone or tablet. Whether you’re in your car headed home or sitting on the tarmac waiting to deplane, with a touch of a button, you can adjust temperature settings through an app and have your home be the perfect temperature when you walk through the door.

Develop a Pre-Set Heating and Cooling Schedule

Heating and cooling an empty home is a waste of money. With energy costs continuing to rise, you want to do everything possible to keep these costs in check. A Wi-Fi programmable thermostat lets you set up a pre-set heating and cooling schedule that uses energy wisely and is budget-friendly. Households in the Raleigh area that take advantage of this exclusive feature can often save as much as 30% on their annual energy bills.

Would you like to save even more on your energy bills? Take advantage of the smart thermostat energy reports. From these reports, you’ll learn more about your household’s peak hours of energy use, the amount of energy used each day, and suggestions for maximizing energy savings. Households find that smart thermostats not only improve their home’s comfort level but can help to keep more money in their bank accounts at the end of the day.

All Wi-Fi thermostats offer varying energy savings based on a variety of factors that include the following:

  • Home size and amount of shade
  • Geographical location and features
  • Age and condition of heating and cooling equipment
  • Window and door sealing

Stay Alerted to Potential Problems

Another great feature of many digital Wi-Fi smart thermostats is the built-in alert system. Auto alerts such as reminders to change the heating and cooling system’s filter keep you on top of maintenance. For more advanced models, these alerts aren’t limited to upkeep. They can also alert households to potential mechanical problems within the HVAC system, allowing you to make repairs right away.

The auto features of smart thermostats are also wonderful for seniors who want to remain in their homes and maintain their independence. The smart features of Wi-Fi thermostats allow the home’s HVAC system to run on a well-managed schedule and even feature “if this happens, then do that” (IFTTT) rules. The thermostat adjusts for myriad pre-set conditions such as the time of day, caretaker schedules, and sunrise and sunset times. Seniors can manage the settings themselves or, using the remote management features, caregivers and loved ones can make adjustments.

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