Why Your AC Is Running Constantly in Cary, NC

A central air conditioner shouldn’t cycle for longer than 10 to 15 minutes, so if that’s not the case in your home in Cary, NC, there’s a problem. Finding out what problem it is can be the hard part, though. Here are four possible reasons why your AC is running constantly and what you can do in response.

Dirty Air Filter

A filter that has reached its full capacity for trapping pollutants will allow less air into the AC. This means that your air will get cooled at a slower rate, if at all. The solution is simple: replace the filter every 90 days or, if you’re using a fiberglass filter, every 30 days.

Dirty Coils

The evaporator coil in the air handler can get dirty and grimy over time and won’t be able to pull heat from your air. So, the AC will blow out lukewarm air, never reach your set point and run forever.

Coil cleaning is something that you should leave up to a professional. Fortunately, replacing your filter can do a lot to prevent dirt buildup in the evaporator coil.

An Undersized AC

The worst-case scenario is that whoever handled the AC installation put in a system that’s too small for your home. All you can do then is replace the AC with one that has a greater cooling capacity.

Poor Insulation or Sealing

Your AC may run constantly because the cool air is escaping just as quickly as it comes into your home. Seal any cracks around doors and windows, and see if your ducts or your walls need more insulation.

Three Maintenance Plans to Choose From

Airmakers Heating & Cooling, LLC, can address long AC cycles and other issues with yearly maintenance, so call us today for a consultation in Cary. We have three maintenance plans, each coming with numerous benefits like discounts and priority scheduling. With our NATE-certified technicians on the job, we can get to the bottom of whatever ails your AC.

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