Why Do ACs Overheat in Raleigh, NC?

Hot summer days in Raleigh, NC call for more reliance on our air conditioners. When your AC overworks, its refreshing cool breeze will likely become the steamy warm air. Read on to learn more about the world of cooling systems and some possible causes behind an overheating AC.

A Clogged Air Filter

Your air filter is key to a functioning air conditioning system. One sign of a dirty air filter is clogging, which produces low-quality indoor air and increases energy bills.

Your AC can overheat when it’s clogged. Consider changing your air filter, as accumulated dirt can block proper airflow throughout your HVAC system.

Low Refrigerant

Your air conditioner is a closed-loop system, meaning that there shouldn’t be any leaks from the refrigerant. When you notice leakage, ask HVAC professionals to make an inspection.

Cold refrigerant lines confirm a working system. But low refrigerant levels increase the heated air in your vents, increasing the cooling time. Eventually, your AC will overheat.

Dirty Fan Blades

Dirt can accumulate on the fans in your air handler over time. The accumulation of more dirt results in heavier fan blades, causing the air handler’s motor to work harder to keep the fan in motion. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises having your air ducts cleaned by a commercial HVAC service to restore quality indoor air.

Lack of Professional Maintenance

Taking too long to request a needed repair or contact an HVAC technician for professional maintenance may result in problems for your cooling system. Ask a reputable HVAC technician in your area to perform maintenance and resolve any issues that are causing your AC to overheat.

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